Consultancy Services

Whether you want help creating a commercial plan, or launching in Europe for the first time, we can start with a consultancy service to get your launch plan and distribution channels prepared.

Distributor Network

We have connections to over 100 distributors across the EMEA region. Where your product fits with our distribution partner we can offer a rapid route to market, where the product knowledge/ interest or customer base is not in our network we can work through the search and diligence process for you. Thereafter we will contract, train and support the distributor base for the term of the contract


Whether cold chain or ambient our supply chain services can ensure your product arrives into Europe, is stored and then shipped onward with ease and peace of mind guaranteed. We can even help design and supply shipping crates fit for purpose.


Launching into Europe and beyond, the hardest part can sometimes be the labelling - IFU's, Quick Reference Guides, Boxes etc. In conjunction with our printing and translation partners we can guarantee market leading quality at great prices. We have also helped to create some really innovative 12+ language IFU's that will fit comfortably in a kit box, all within IVDD rules.

Customer Support

Launching a product is only half the battle, at Gateway Diagnostics we will help you recruit, train and manage your customers. We also have an office hours customer helpline to help with any shipping or product queries

Technical Support

An important part of the new ISO and IVD guidelines is market vigilance and complaint handling. To help you stay on the right side of the regulations we will ensure all complaint handling and customer feedback is sent to you in your preferred format within 24 hours. We will also, where possible offer first line technical support and troubleshooting for your products.

Training and Installation

The difference between a successful launch and exponential sales growth and a disappointing ROI is often as simple as training. With 15 years experience of training and motivating sales teams in a highly technical environment, we at Gateway pride ourselves on ensuring your sales teams will be the best prepared in the market. We generally spend two days on launch training in each distributor, with half a day on, Technical/ Medical, Competition, Sales presentations and practical workshops.

Connectivity and installation is becoming more and more of a deal maker/ breaker, even in Point of Care devices. We work closely with a connectivity expert with working knowledge of both Conworx and Roche Cobas 1000 LIS systems, we can help you create software interfaces and also support our distribution teams with training and installation help.