Gateway Diagnostics was born of the need for good IVD distribution in niche areas of the UK healthcare market and a wealth of experience gained over the last 20 years launching new products across the EMEA region. Talking with manufacturers across the world we have found that these two unmet needs hold a great deal of value.

Here in the UK we work with a team of specialised business development professionals who all have 10+ years in the industry and contacts at every level of the NHS and Private Healthcare providers. We have an interest in novel and cutting edge technology that feeds into the need to Decentralise and personalise healthcare in the community setting. Ward overcrowding and acute funding challenges are forcing the UK government and healthcare professionals to find innovative ways to manage chronic disease away from secondary care. The growth of personalised medicine and home testing is also a key area for Gateway Diagnostics, anywhere that we can be empowered to look after ourselves and monitor our lifestyle changes, Gateway will be there.

In Europe and beyond we have an awesome network of diligent and hard working distributor partners, company owners and teams who like us have grown up with the changes in the IVD business and have adapted to keep pace with the innovation of point of care testing. They are hungry for new technologies, new biomarkers and improved patient care. They trust Gateway to present them with well rounded technology, ready to hit the market and maximise growth returns. We in turn work with them to find the new growth markets and unmet needs, so we can help our manufacturing partners optimise current offerings and shape the coming product pipelines.